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Pro Plus Racing Coilover Application

YELLOWSPEED with their sponsorship partners who are famous and professional Japanese drivers have been dedicating to this second-to-none PRO PLUS RACING suspension system for long time. With extensive development, engineering, testing, modification and experiences from actual competition, Pro Plus Racing coilovers enable you or teams to fine tune for any track/circuit, endurance race or circuit lap record competition. Racing tire is recommended with this product for more outstanding performance & score.
※ The linear rate spring can be selected with tailored setup of the coilover system to meet your needs without any other additional charge, please talk to us about your requirements before placing an order.
The outstanding feature to this system is external canister allowing you to adjust the rebound and compression damping separately. With an external reservoir, this system provides extra oil capacity to dissipate heat superiorly, which allows you to operate this product for long period and improves performance & handling due to more stable variations in damping rates during the vehicle high speed , so this system is best suited to track/circuit, endurance race or circuit lap record competition. The canister substance is made of high grade of steel which can resist high gas pressure. The bottom of the canister is made of 7075 aircraft quality alloy, and is processed with anodized surface treatment to prevent corrosion in the harsh conditions of motor sport.
This system has twin piston design, and features 33 levels of separate rebound and compression damping adjustment settings, which allow excellent control and tuning ability. There are 33 clicks available on rebound, and 33 clicks on compression so a wide range of damping adjustment settings can be made to provide a variety of responses to different road conditions.
The pillow ball mount with adjustable camber plate is included on fronts and rears of the kit for both MacPherson and Double-A-Arm strut type (where applicable) to offer direct and complete handling response.
The needle valve piston (material imported from Sweden) is utilized to make the steering more agile and to stabilize the vehicle. In addition, Motorsport spec piston with racing flow design has been developed and is integrated into this racing product. Spring rates and shock valving made for competition are significantly different from the ones for road use. A high rigidity 52mm shock body used for MacPherson strut type for extra oil capacity enables the cushioning force to have optimal linear change. We use highly reputable seal brand – NOK, whose seals can withstand high temperatures and prevent oil leakage. The piston rod is made from high quality S45C steel and is processed with Thermal Refining and High-frequency Induction Hardening treatments for rigidity and durability. Each component of the suspension system is rigorously inspected and strictly tested by YELLOWSPEED to avoid any failure. Our commitment to continual driving improvement goes beyond words.
Spring rates and shock valving made for competition are significantly different from the ones for road use. All springs are produced from high quality SAE9254 spring steel for optimal durability and high tensile strength. The spring rate remains unchanged and undeformed, even after the spring has been used for a long time, and even if compressed or extended.
A steel lower bracket is utilized for MacPherson strut type to increase rigidity for safety (where applicable). For some MacPherson strut models, the brake line bracket is welded manually perfectly to the steel lower mount. A high quality forged alloy aluminum lower bracket is used for Double-A Arm strut type (where applicable). The steel/aluminum lower bracket is processed with electroplated/ anodized surface treatment to prevent corrosion or rust in the harsh conditions of motor sport. The vehicle ride height can be adjusted easily with the lower bracket by winding up and down to drop and raise. With the lower bracket, it allows maximum suspension travel without affecting the shock stroke.
The spring seats are made from forged aluminum for durability and rigidity.
Shock body is coated with Electroplating treatment to prevent rust and corrosion in the harsh conditions of motor sport.
Wave Alloy Steel Thrust Washer
For FRONT MacPherson strut models, wave alloy steel thrust washer is installed between a lower locking collar and a bottom mount. The wave thrust washer can provide a controlled amount of friction between the lower locking collar and the bottom mount to effectively prevent the lower bracket from spinning around or becoming loose.
Spring bearing is mounted in the top cap to make the handling more agile and to eliminate the spring noise caused by car cornering. This design enables the spring and the shock to perform together more effectively.